50 MP – Full Frame CCD


The RMV-50100 is designed specifically for .01cd/m² OLED inspection. NO COOLING REQUIRED ! With a 40,000 electron well, 100% fill factor, and an astounding 50 million, 6.0µm pixels. The RMV-50100 offers outstanding long-exposure and low noise performance by using a long life mechanical shutter and the ON Semiconductor KAF-50100 FULL FRAME CCD Image Sensor.

Product Highlights

  • 8176 x 6132 6.0µm active pixels
  • Dimensions 49.1mm x 36.8mm (Medium Format)
  • Remotable field replaceable Mechanical Shutter > 5 Million cycles
  • Dynamic Range 70dB – low thermal noise
  • 16 bit sampling and 14 bit data path
  • Camera Link Output: Base, GigE, USB3