Available in color and monochrome versions and is designed for use in industrial, machine vision, document imaging, and security applications.

The CMV-71-TEC offers outstanding quality by using the ams CHR71000ES-1E5M1PACHR71000HGES-1E5M1PA or CHR71000ES-1E5C1PA sensor, which is thermo cooled to 20°C below ambient (base mode). Now long exposures are possible with minimal dark current. The Camera Link medium format provides 12 bit data up to 4.2 fps. The CMV-71-TEC camera has an industrial design, military de-rated components, and a CNC machined case.

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Technical Information


The pin table and connector image reference the camera connector as viewed from the camera back. The mating connector manufacturer and part number are Hirose HR10A-7P-6P.


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