The illunis RMV-71 is a rolling shutter CMOS digital camera with an astounding 71 million pixels! The RMV-71 camera is designed for ultimate document imaging applications.

document-imagingMany museums and historical organizations are now digitizing their libraries for prosperity. These establishments have discovered that a standard off-the-shelf Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is not the right solution, because a DSLR is built with a mechanical shutter that has a very short life span.

Purpose-Built for Document Imaging

The illunis shutterless RMOD-71M was purpose-built for document imaging. This camera offers unprecedented resolution, quality, and simplicity, which will capture all of the details in the document or historical item. The camera sensor is 3-point mounted and flattened with respect to the lens mount, which ensures crisp focus right to the corners of the important document.
With 12 bit, raw data output, illunis places no assumptions between the document and the data file, which allows for full flexibility in future processing or enhancement.

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