A Gigapixel image fulfills all the requirements for a wide-area or persistent surveillance application.gigapixel-array_complete-assembly

illunis has had experience on persistent surveillance programs such as Angel Fire and Constant Hawk. This knowledge has given illunis the ability to design the RMOD-71MP in such a way that it can be arrayed to actually implement a Gigapixel image at 2 frames per second.

By starting with a 71MP camera module designed for image overlap, the RMOD-71 can be mechanically placed with 4 modules behind a single lens to constitute a head. Four heads in turn constitute a Gigapixel array, all of which fit in a 12” x 12” x 10” volume. The individual modules are each three-point mounted to allow flattening and a focus position setting of the sensor behind the lens.

illunis has also developed a custom lens incorporating a mechanical shutter (not required for exposure) and an IRIS in a standard Copal 0 mount. This allows for any large format commercial lens that can fit this shutter to be used. The final image requires stitching. A number of data interface methods are possible to complete this step, such as Camera Link, Gigabit Ethernet, 10GigE, and others. Furthermore, this design implements a field of view matched real time light meter, which allows for “Instant Auto Exposure”™.

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