The illunis tool set is state of the art. Our engineering team develops with Solidworks™ for mechanical design, Protel™ for electrical design and layout, and Aldec/Xilinx™ for FPGA development in VHDL.illunis-oem-module

illunis has developed a substantial intellectual property portfolio in camera technology. Let our team apply our experience and knowledge to your custom OEM application!

illunis camera designs are modular and generally consist of three circuit assemblies:

  • Power Supply and Data Interface
  • Timing Generator
  • CCD Interface

Typically, two of the three circuit boards remain unchanged from design to design with only firmware changes required for new features or possibly a new sensor board. As a result, adapting to a new sensor or custom features requires very little development. illunis designs its own timing generator in VHDL and can add modes and features to meet your exact requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your application needs.