illunis has gained a reputation of providing innovative, high-quality, and high performance digital imaging products.

Since 2000, illunis has been a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial high‐resolution, high‐speed megapixel digital cameras for LCD Inspection, Metrology, Security, Surveillance, Traffic, Document Imaging, Aerial Imaging, Scientific, and Medical Applications. illunis prides itself on maintaining full creative control of electronics, interfaces, industrial design, optics and drivers, as well as continuing to build an extensive library of designs and intellectual property to serve as a foundation for customization.

illunis values its customer needs and inquiries by providing excellent customer service and knowledgeable technical support. Therefore, illunis will continue to have a strong global customer presence, which includes Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, domestic and foreign defense agencies, and academic institutions.

The illunis mission

Our mission is to remain a leader in the field of digital imaging, by designing and manufacturing innovative high-resolution, high-speed megapixel cameras for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) world-wide.

Our Team

Scott Elhardt -­ CEO & Co-Founder

Mr. Elhardt has more than 34 years of experience in the field of engineering. He began his career in the U.S. Marines as an Intelligence Analyst followed by earning his B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. In 1986, he became employed as a Design Engineer for Honeywell Military Avionics Division and successfully created head mounted displays for Boeing AH‐64 Apache Helicopters and Bell Boeing V‐22 Osprey aircraft. He was also involved in two video related start‐up companies, one applying head mounted displays to low vision and one early in video conferencing. In 1993, he became employed at B.F. Goodrich as the Business and Regional Jet Engineering Director, where he effectively administered over 80 engineers. In 2000, Mr. Elhardt co‐founded illunis LLC with partner David Krekelberg. illunis has become a leading designer and manufacturer of high‐resolution, high‐speed megapixel digital cameras for various industrial applications including inspection, document imaging, military, aerospace, scientific, and medical purposes.

David Krekelberg -­ CTO & Co-Founder

Mr. Krekelberg began designing video cameras in 1993 and has successfully completed 100’s of camera designs. As a graduate of the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology in 1983, he designed CAD software for integrated circuit design and simulation. As a research engineer for the former Control Data Corporation, he published several papers on silicon compilers and one of the first books on graphics programming in the C language. While working as an electrical engineer, Mr. Krekelberg helped design the iconic FlexCam and later the iRes Kritter Camera, one of the first commercial digital cameras. These developments led to a passion for higher resolution cameras and thus the founding of illunis LLC with Mr. Elhardt. Over the past 20 years, illunis LLC has expanded their commercial and OEM high resolution cameras to over 120 Megapixels and now has a Gigapixel in sight!

Where to Buy

illunis sells direct globally, as well as represented by various distributors and partners world-wide. If you have an interest in a particular region, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.