71 MP-Rolling Shutter


The RMOD-71 is a rolling shutter CMOS digital camera with an astounding 71 million pixels. The 71MP offers outstanding quality by using the ams/CMOSIS CHR71000ES-1E5M1PA, CHR71000ES-1E5C1PA, or CHR71000HGES-1E5M1PA sensor.

Product Highlights

  • 10,000 x 7096 3.1μm active pixels
  • Windowing ROI capability
  • Image Storage in Internal Memory
  • Dynamic range 64dB
  • 8 Tap readout at up to 42.5MHz each (340Mpix/sec)
  • 12 bits, 4.22 fps at full resolution, faster when windowed
  • Micro sized OEM module available
  • Optional: High-Grade sensor with no row or column defects