Whether the application is for roof estimates, multispectral imaging, or persistent surveillance, illunis can supply cameras and customized features for these specific applications. The CMV-50M, CMV-51 and CMV-65 global shutter CMOS cameras are solutions perfectly suited to the task. They are available with CL, USB3 and GigE interfaces in a minimal configuration. Perfect for imaging on drone or manned platforms.

illunis specializes in applications requiring long exposures. The CMV-65M TEC and CMV-51M TEC cool the sensor to 5°C to minimize thermal noise for exposures longer than one second. The non-TEC versions of the illunis cameras are also suitable for inspection applications with exposures of up to one second CMV-50, CMV-51, CMV-65, CMV-71 and CMV-120.
Whether it is inspecting contact lenses or diagnosing the health of the retina, illunis cameras are up to the task in a blink of an eye. Our team designs and manufactures purpose-built specialized high sensitivity and high dynamic range cameras for medical inspection customers worldwide.

From rapid deployment to long-term production contracts, illunis has had military cameras in production since 2003. The CMV-50, CMV-51 and CMV-65 are ideal light weight camera solutions to meet the needs of UAV imaging applications.

The illunis 71MP-CMOS-USB3 camera provides an effective solution for NASA’s Spectrum™ multi-spectral fluorescence imaging in the low to zero-gravity environment of the International Space Station (ISS). Launched to the ISS on NG-12 in November, 2019 the custom 71M TEC’s performance and reliability continue to be up to the task.