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    Purpose-Built Aerial Imaging Cameras

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    71 MP CMOS Document / Inspection Camera

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    RMV Camera Line

High Resolution - CCD or CMOS!
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Purpose-built Aerial Imaging Camera Platform!

We have been supplying Aerial Imaging cameras for over 10 years to commercial and military imaging clients.

With programs such as Angel Fire, Constant Hawk and Blue Devil, our camera have taken millions and millions of images in demanding environments.

Our new 'Zero-Smear' line of cameras was designed to answer the requirements that come up again and again in aerial imaging.

Document Imaging, LCD inspection or Aerial Imaging at 71MP!

Introducing a new camera for document imaging and Inspection.

The RMV-71M is designed around the CMOSIS CHR71M sensor.

Evaluation cameras are available now so contact us for more details, sample images availability and pricing.

Custom is what we do - Have what YOU need!

Whether it is custom data interfaces, features or packaging, we have likely done it and it is what we like to do.

We have a very modular design making it easy to implement new sensors or features.

If you have needs that an off-the-shelf solution does not meet, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Who we are
illunis is your 'non-classic' camera company. We are a private, closely-held corporation specializing in high-end imaging.

In 2000, we set about to be your custom / OEM camera provider.

We don't need to be everything to everybody, we just want to be everything to you!
Contact us
Call and speak to the owners:

Telephone: (952) 975-9203
Fax: (952) 294-8308
Email: info@illunis.com
What we do
We are good at iterating our intellectual property to give you what you want and need for your corner of the market.

Custom is our specialty and more and more, aerial is our niche.